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Again with the telecommuting

Mitt just emailed me some stuff. He is upset at me because I won't let him work from home. He says that when I posted his job on Craigslist it said telecommuting is okay. I told him that I don't pay him, I never hired him, and he just hangs around and forces me to make coffee twice as often.

From Mitt:

Telecommuting or telework is a work arrangement in which employees enjoy flexibility in working location and hours. In other words, the daily commute to a central place of work is replaced by telecommunication links. Many work from home, while others, occasionally also referred to as nomad workers or web commuters utilize mobile telecommunications technology to work from coffee shops or other locations. Telework is a broader term, referring to substituting telecommunications for any form of work-related travel, thereby eliminating the distance restrictions of telecommuting.[1] (telecommuting on wikipedia)


This Isn't Telecommuting #2

This Isn't Telecommuting #2You know. My grandma tells me every so often. "Its amazing what they can do these days." 

Boy, gee isn't it though. Mechanics. Fixing Cars. Telecommuting. The internet will blow your mind.


its a jobby-job, just phone it in dude.

this is mitt here. i have been helping mfg to look for jobs. and i wish people knew what telecommuting was. actually i dont wish they did; rather i wish plagues of dead first borns upon people who post jobs that are not telecommuting jobs, be it out of ignorance or miscategorization.

so we have a new feature, where we show examples of what some people think is telecommuting. first up, someone in Circleville:

click through to harass the guy.


mfg is looking for a secornd jerb.

[...in this economy...]; Hi! this is mittthedevourer here, Mr Responsibility and stuff...

mfg needs more of a buffer with paying for this blog and my salary. he needs a second job that cannot conflict with his current m-f, 8-5. FYI:

he thinks he's all this and that and a stack of pancakes

with whipped cream and strawberries and bacon

 ...and is looking for 10-20 hours per week (mostly nights and weekend-days). has laptop, won't really travel. (telecommuters do save your company money!) he is looking for an administrative, part-time position or one as a part-time executive assistant. here's the current job's specs and some of mfg's qualifications. he'd be mortified, or will be when he sees i'm posting this:


+ September 2008 to Present

Office Assistant 3 for the [X, Y]* Regions: [(1000+ employee) Employer-statewide]*, Columbus, OH

(*identifying info stricken)

In addition to prompt and accurate work, this position has continually tested the limits of productivity and given cause to improve adopted methods for performing job duties with ever-increasing efficiency. Regular and quick correspondence with clients and subcontractors (typically on behalf of the [Region Chief]), in addition to our two regions staff is a must.

+ Currently I manage the bidding process of [third-party] services subcontracted for the [employer-regional] of the [employer-statewide]. This involves the regular mailing of correspondence to [third-party firms] and our clients on behalf of the [Region Chief], completion of standardized paperwork on deadline. I draft, revise, and issue both the Requests for Proposals and final contracting materials as well as any modifications to these contracts. This process involves both developing a proper maintenance system for bid proposal materials from the [third-party] firms, as well as collating confidential feedback from clients. Also, it is requisite that I keep our clients on deadlines in order to ensure timely awarding of contracts, and I do.

+ Management and upkeep of payroll and project tracking database records for [2] regions' projects as well as contract client data maintenance.  Performed invoicing verification functions for billing rates and amounts, as well as updated budgets and costs for regions' projects.

+ Assisted in an executive/administrative assistance capacity with the temporary management of state-wide contracting approvals for all nine regions (including the two I currently generate materials for). This involved materials which needed supervisory approval by the Deputy Chief [X], then curating and distributing these records; in addition to corresponding with [third-party] firms across multiple regions regarding the status of various projects, retrieval of contracting records for nine regions, and the execution of Public Records Requests by [third-party]firms.

+ [Analysis] Report and correspondence document creation, style guideline application, proofing, and editing; final proofing and bookmarking in Acrobat

he's currently trolling Craigslist looking for part-time telecommuting jobs to see if he can swing a nights/weekend plan. if you've got a lead or if this sounds like the kind of person you want, drop him a line at mfgink[at]gmail[dot]com

posting courtesy of your friendly Mitt the Devourer


Should my Avatar color for 'Day of Anger' be #FF0000?

i am angry about not much at all. i am low on wrath these days.but hey, i would like to see if our union representatives can hammer in a <day of anger: 8hours leave> into the next contract.

i think it would be nice for americans who are still employed, it might actually make them appreciate their employment and employer a bit more while still allowing them to vent and not work in an officially sanctioned manner and fashion at a specified place and time.

anyway, for now americans, be mindful of these people who are willing to over-throw their country when next we imply that taxes being too high, or socialized medicine not covering everyone (for free) will mean the burning of DC and subsequent decay of mankind. if you really do care, Egypt is what that looks like. for now civil disobedience is the better model to follow.